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What is Anxiety?

We all know the feeling of being nervous about a test or about a problem at work. Often a normal reaction to stressful events, anxiety can become problematic when it spikes high or lasts much longer than expected. With around 40 million adults per year affected in the U.S, anxiety disorders are common and often very treatable.

Anxiety also comes in many forms, such as Social Anxiety, Panic, Obsessive-Compulsive, or more Generalized. With each form often come specific symptoms, which we will explore in our work together.

My approach to treating anxiety centers on not only understanding your current symptoms and struggles - but thinking together about how those developed over time. We will explore how a once helpful coping skill might no longer work, and work together to find and develop new ways to thrive and overcome anxious thoughts. Exploring medication management refers to psychotherapy sessions. Now if you're ready to take this next step.

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